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Superimposition of triads for a modern intervallic sound - PART 2

Posted on November 29, 2016 with 0 comments

For this installment, I'm employing the major and minor scales only that are derived from the augmented scale. In this case, I'm am using the C, Cm, E, Em, Ab, Abm, triads derived from the C/E/Ab augmented scale, connected by half-step each time against the C7alt. I decided to use triplets for the descending portion of the line because I tend to neglect triplets in my playing for some reason (strange since triads are obviously 3-note chords), and eighth and sixteenth notes for the ascent; this seems to make it more angular to my ear, which is what I desire. Incidentally, I refer to this approach as "cascading" because to my ear, it sounds like a cascading waterfall, if I may use a metaphor. Check out the video link attached. Happy practicing!