Scott Yanow, one of the most renowned jazz critics of all time, took the time to write this article about my CD. It is available on his web site, and in the June 07 issue of the Los Angeles Jazz Scene. Geordie Kelly has a quiet sound on the guitar and an introverted style that is subtle and sophisticated. On Triple Play, which was recorded in Virginia Beach, Virginia, he interacts with bassist Peter VenDeReit and drummer Christopher Koroshetz. The group performs six of Kelly’s intriguing originals, a version of “Doxy” that humorously alters a few of the melody notes, a rendition of “It Could Happen To You” that has an extension in each chorus, and a solo guitar showcase on “Beautiful Love.” While none of the musicians are household names, they are talented players, especially Geordie F.O. Kelly whose sound and style are a little reminiscent but not derivative of Jim Hall. (available from” - Scott Yanow

Geordie, your CD sounds great!!!" Jimmy” - Jimmy Bruno - Jazz Guitarist, Author, and Mel Bay recording artist

— After listening to an advanced copy of "Triple Play"

I'm digging on your CD. Rachel's Bossa is a real sweet tune. A good lady can inspire some great music....Nice pure tone, I'll have to check out a Heritage sometime. Great tempo for Doxy---SCHWINGIN'! In the Grip has got some really nice harmonic stuff. Great relaxed vibe. Man thanks alot for sending it, I'm going to go listen to the rest. I look forward to hanging at some point... JK PS=dig the II-V-I shirt!”

— Jonathan Kreisberg - NYC Jazz Guitarist and Mel Bay recording artist

Great writing, a beautiful guitar sound, a great time-feel and a great band. This is an incredible CD!" Bruce” - Bruce Saunders (NYC jazz guitarist)

— After listening to an advanced copy of "Triple Play"

You're a really beautiful player and I especially like your time feel and your writing. You sound really great on your CD and I know people are going to be talking about it." ” - Bruce Saunders NYC jazz guitarist and Mel Bay recording artist

— More praise for "Triple Play"

Geordie is a gifted guitarist and composer, first class all the way!" --- Vic's comments after listening to "Triple Play”

— Vic Juris - Jazz Guitarist, Mel Bay recording artist

Thanks so much for the music!! The solo guitar stuff is really swinging as well as the rest.”

— Vic Juris - Jazz Guitarist, Mel Bay recording artist - more comments about Triple Play

Geordie has a put together a great CD. With influences from all the greats, nice tone and feel, this CD will find a welcome home in any jazz enthusiasts collection." Corey Christiansen - After listening to Triple Play” - Corey Christiansen - Jazz Guitarist and Mel Bay recording artist
I enjoyed your CD [Triple Play]. You show a knowledge of improvisational skills & a willingness to take chances, which I like. Good luck with your CD." Royce - After listening to advanced copy of "Triple Play” - Royce Campbell - jazz guitarist
I enjoyed listening to your clips...your sound and attack remind me a lot of Tal [Farlow]." Doug”

— Doug Wamble - Jazz Guitarist

Geordie, the CD sounds wonderful - great tone from that Heritage. I would say you certainly captured the flavor of Joe Pass on your composition 'One For Joe'. Nice job!" Best regards, Bob (Cincinnati based jazz guitarist)”

— Bob Roetker after listening to Triple Play